Florida’s Original Eucalyptus Management Company

Due to its favorable climate, Florida is uniquely positioned to produce large scale commercial eucalyptus plantations for the forest industry and biomass markets. Located in the Southeast United Staes, Florida is an agriculture and business friendly state with multiple deep water ports, minimal government regulations, and no state tax. Florida Eucalyptus’ team of silviculture professionals ensure their plantations are managed utilizing sustainable forestry practices.

Management Made Simple

When it has to be done right the first time.
Growing more timber on less acres is an intensive process requiring high levels of quality time-sensitive management. The speed of these fast growing forests dictates that services be performed in a specific order and be done properly in order to keep pace with superior genetics.

Florida’s agriculture community has always been the backbone on this great state. But, recent challenges in the citrus, farming, and timber industries have created circumstances that demand leadership from innovative thinkers. So, we collected a group of industry professionals and environmental scientists and decided to see what we could do to improve our economic landscape.

Eucalyptus plantations have been grown successfully in Florida for about 4 decades. By purposely growing more trees on less acres, pristine natural areas can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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